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7BXellent to each other. No really.

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Posted 24 December 2012 - 22:15


Stealing beffah's gimmick from the last post

TEST alliance of today is very different from the TEST that it was a year ago when we decided to go balls deep into Vale of the Silent. Back then we idled around 5300 members and had almost nothing but a USTZ presence. We also had interesting allies like Elite Space Guild and BDEAL, who have now passed into the void of space to the graveyard for shitty alliance known as every other alliance in the CFC. These days dreddit itself has exceeded 5300 members all on its own. Our alliance has added around 23 new full membercorps in that time. We have everything from the newest additions of La Megadita and Dropbear Preservation Society, a small group of funny Italians and a group of convicts from down under respectively, to larger corps like German powerhouse EADS and the multicultural and ever so interesting Enlightened Industries.

With our growth, our alliance has become one of the most diverse alliances in the entire game. We have also become the largest alliance, at one point held more sov than any other alliance in Eve. As you can probably imagine, this wasn't exactly a smooth and easy experience, but we've managed to get through it all. We have come so far from the alliance that ran into the Raiden supercap wall repeatedly then formed up to do it again the following night. We now sit blue with many people who a year ago we were shooting at, including Raiden. We have grown to cover almost every timezone, we've helped create what is now the Honeybadger Coalition as something more than just something we did to make Goons mad. We found a way to make a large amount of isk without having to fight for icky techmoons so that we can reimburse things like lokis and Navy Apocs.

Now we are tearing ourselves apart.

Our alliance, famous for shitting on people, has now turned all of its efforts inward. Instead of focusing on getting banned for calling ev0ke Nazi's or calling Makalu a buttbutt, we are shitting over our own Euros, going far enough to pay to have their mumble ticker changed to something funny yet inflamitory. We have deemed it ok to shit on our allies because they might have a 15 year old FC who made a mistake or because they don't want to share their ratting space that none of us use anyways. We jump on the bandwagon to shit on lower sp and newer members to our cap group who don't have JDC 5 on their carrier pilot. If there is a reason to shit on someone that we are blue to, someone who is a member of OUR alliance, we will do it simply because we can.

The unwritten rule of TEST and the HBC is to not be dicks to each other. We are now incapable of this it seems. This isn't even at the basic member level alone. This exceeds DurrHurrDurr and Tarithell's usual posting and broadcasts. I've watched as diplos shit all over the IT people who put in long hours trying to make sure all the stuff stays running. I've watched as the IT folks then make less then stellar responses which just continue the problems. I've seen corp ceos deem it ok to shit all over other corp ceos because they just might be interested in getting an office in one of the systems where we have the supercap upgrade. There are threads where people literally shit on members of our alliance because they can with the excuse "Its boring at work" or "I'm posting just to post." Its disgusting, its counter productive, and it is tearing our alliance apart Lisa style from the very top all the way down.

So this is my one personal appeal to you, my alliance, the people who I put in far too much time for.

Stop being dicks to each other. Just get the fuck along. Stop making me want to karttoon the alliance.
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