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Why Fatal Ascension? A History Lesson

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Posted 20 January 2013 - 04:41


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Story Time

Buckle up friends, this is a long story. I see a lot of statements flying around about Fatal Ascension - nobody seems to know why we have issues with them just that we do. "Fuck FA" has become a cry our newer members shout with no idea of the history between us. The history is long and involved - TEST was an early friend of Fatal Ascension and Zagdul especially. He and I used to work together closely and supported each other in all endeavors. We were brothers. TEST and FA had a BFF that could rival our relationship to Goonswarm at the time. As our paths diverged and our alliances grew older we went from collaboration to rivalry. Fatal Ascension has always strived to be seen as one of the top alliances in the CFC while TEST desired independence and fun. When we migrated into Fountain and the NC collapsed, the Fatal Ascension bropact collapsed with it. Fatal Ascension became very focused on themselves, very serious business. We've had a couple of incidents since then, I will try to highlight the most important.

Poaching is a BDEAL

I noticed at some point in August 2011 that a lot of corporations from Important Internet Spaceship League, one of our first allies that we had independently, were leaving for Fatal Ascension - I spoke with Zagdul about this. I was told that it was all above board and I had nothing to worry about - more on this later.

FA Shot First

This incident was from October of 2011, when TEST was working on a friendship with Pandemic Legion - a friendship that the CFC did not approve of. TEST & PL did some roams together and camps in the Delve region. This didn't really create too many problems until we ran into Fatal Ascension - my old post does a good job explaining so I will quote that here:

Earlier today an issue arose in Delve. TEST pilots have been flying in fleets with Pandemic Legion camping in Br1ck Squad and Morsus Mihi. I have no problem with this so long as they do not shoot blues.

While coming home from one such op, the fleet encountered a mix of Fatal Ascension and Black-Mark on a gate - when TEST decloaked Fatal Ascension shot at TEST pilots first. This escalated in a full fight between Elite Space Guild, Test Alliance Please Ignore, and Pandemic legion against Fatal Ascension and Black-Mark. In response to this the Fatal Ascension diplomat, Kaleb Rysode decided to make a big deal out of this in gfallies. Claiming that we were in the wrong and that we should reimburse them and yell at our kick our pilots (DurrHurrDurr & leetcheese among them).

I provided logs to Kaleb Rysode proving that TEST pilots were shot first. He accused me of cutting over a minute of the logs, comparing them to the other provided logs this was simply not the case (that minute had no action).

I ended up wanting to settle the issue with a public apology seeing as Fatal Ascension made this a public issue, not TEST.

We reset Fatal Ascension in response to this - it was fixed eventually but the damage to the relationship was done.

Here are some logs from GF Allies around this incident (oh god what if they purge me from the room for rele- oh wait). These are snippets because the entire log is holy fuck too long.

This was at the start of the log right after the incident

(12:34:19 PM) loquitur [FA]: http://flyezco.com/k...il&kll_id=13284 wtf?
(12:34:45 PM) loquitur [FA]: was there a thunderdome with PL or something?
(12:46:04 PM) Kaleb Rysode [FA]: Looking into it now with Aryndel.
(12:57:22 PM) Chomp Wom: what do you guys use for checking peoples apis?
(12:57:48 PM) Chomp Wom: jackknife was great but doesn't support api2
(1:08:16 PM) White Tree: THANKS ENDIE
(1:09:33 PM) zagdul: Can we finally reset TEST?

Here is a gem for our Pandemic Legion friends:

(2:21:14 PM) the_mittani: hi
(2:21:17 PM) the_mittani: i just woke up
(2:21:42 PM) the_mittani: no one who sides with pl in anything over a clusterfucker will get an iota of sympathy for me
(2:22:14 PM) the_mittani: i don't give a fuck if you're naive/dumb enough to believe in a 'pl bropact', if you are, that means you can get the fuck out of my region


(5:57:37 PM) dabigredboat: you do realize this is something pl wants right montolio, for you to reset fa or other allies over 1 lossmail because idiots are doing dumb things anyawys
(5:58:19 PM) Montolio: Oh well
(5:58:30 PM) the_mittani: dbdbr: diplomat extraordinare
(5:58:35 PM) theadj: heh
(5:58:48 PM) zagdul: You're being meta gamed by PL monti
(5:59:13 PM) zagdul: You're being played.

FA flirting with boat

(6:05:31 PM) Kaleb Rysode [FA]: Indeed. And TEST was in the PL fleet, so that makes them a hostile fleet.
(6:05:35 PM) dabigredboat: no
(6:05:36 PM) dabigredboat: it doesn't
(6:05:49 PM) dabigredboat: if I was to fly with pl (I wouldn't) would you come shooting me
(6:05:49 PM) dabigredboat: no
(6:06:05 PM) dabigredboat: just because they are with them, doesn't mean they shot blues while doing it
(6:06:07 PM) dabigredboat: its different
(6:06:15 PM) Kaleb Rysode [FA]: I'd never shoot you because you're too pretty.

I actually had full director access to Fatal Ascension forums from our previous relationship. Note Zagdul admitting fault here but refusing to accept responsibility.

(6:43:19 PM) Montolio: zagdul: Remember to remove my director access from your forums
(6:44:19 PM) zagdul: yeah
(6:44:25 PM) zagdul: dude, we shot first I'm not disputing it
(6:44:51 PM) Montolio: You see, when Fatal Ascension makes a statement like that I heard "We should probably apologize but we won't because it hurts our pride"
(6:45:19 PM) zagdul: nope.
(6:45:23 PM) Montolio: If you don't disagree with the fact that Fatal Ascension shot first, and you don't disagree with the fact that your diplomat called me a liar. Then how can you disagree with providing an apology?
(6:45:38 PM) zagdul: I have yet to see where he called you a liar
(6:46:01 PM) Montolio: He claimed that I "removed 1 minute" and whatever seconds from a log when his logs backed up the fact that that minute was empty.
(6:46:25 PM) zagdul: so a minute was removed.
(6:46:28 PM) zagdul: he didnt lie
(6:46:31 PM) zagdul: or call you one
(6:46:35 PM) Montolio: No, there was no minute to remove
(6:46:40 PM) Montolio: That minute was devoid of combat
(6:46:46 PM) Montolio: There was not a minute to remove as it did not exist
(6:46:59 PM) zagdul: so he made the claim of a minute missing?
(6:47:06 PM) zagdul: where are his words that a minute was removed?
(6:48:26 PM) Montolio: :condi: I have dinner appointments to keep, get the logs from your diplomat. You can reach me via text.


(6:02:27 PM) dabigredboat: c montolio wants an apology for shooting blues
(6:02:29 PM) dabigredboat: that is all :)
(6:02:31 PM) zagdul: when I saw the logs I laughed my ass off
(6:03:04 PM) the_mittani: from what i understand, "i'm sorry that my pilot was an idiot and shot blues, no hard feelings" would cover most of this
(6:03:10 PM) dabigredboat: yes


(4:54:47 PM) zagdul@allies.pleaseignore.com/447250101131965211964087: What you're doing right now is not valuing friendship
(4:54:59 PM) montolio@pleaseignore.com/work: What I am doing right now is called not being a pussy

This incident was basically unresolved - Fatal Ascension never acknowledged being in the wrong. We did some short term limited skirmishing and then set it aside.


The major blowup after this was around Fatal Ascension member corporations deliberately undermining Important internet Spaceship League - I attribute most of the failure of BDEAL to Fatal Ascension engaging in a willful and months long campaign to get the alliance to collapse. It worked. I don't think we really have a big post for this that I can link to, but here is a log most of you probably haven't seen.


The tl;dr of this is that we provided Zagdul with ample proof of this operation. He told us he would look into it and did fuck all. BDEAL is dead now. The people responsible for this are still in Fatal Ascension as far as I know. We had plenty more evidence against a deliberate attempt by Fatal Ascension but didn't have proof for the theft, awoxing, and real time spying.

Ratter Drama

That brings us to the present: ratter drama. Fatal Ascension is so mad about Sperg Squad doing black ops drops out of NPC Pure Blind and killing dumb FA ratters that they are openly calling for war and whining to Goonswarm diplomats about it. They made this post to try and address the situation, in it they take credit for 'giving us' our space. Fatal Ascension ratting drama became so much of an issue that we removed the AFK camping clause from our CFC NIP so that CFC diplomats didn't have to commit suicide.


We've been removed from GFAllies because of our rivalry with Fatal Ascension and some blunt unofficial words said by Bring Stabity. We've been painted as attempting to undermine and kill Fatal Ascension. We've been painted as poor friends. The opposite is true. FA holds themselves up as a core CFC member, yet every action they took towards Test and BDEAL weren't just hindering, unfriendly, and self serving. It was abusive and destructive. These actions took place in a coalition that holds themselves up as equals. In that context, the most disgusting thing is not that they did what they did. It's that they were allowed to get away with it.
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